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Started by heather, June 06, 2005, 23:33:52

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Well to add the the fifties club!! We have just bought a week in France with Marriots at Village de'Ile de France. We are novice timeshare owners and are looking to learning much from this forum . We are both 53, have three girls all at home still...19,13,and 11..we were late starters!! I am a primary school teacher and my husband is in IT.We live in the UK.


OK bigfrank, what age group do you fall into?  Golden Oldies or Babes?[;)]


Originally posted by Jackiee

OK bigfrank, what age group do you fall into?  Golden Oldies or Babes?[;)]

Well Jackie I'm not sure where I belong. I think I am in Limbo. I am 44 Semi retired and in the US in NY. Married To another Jackie who is lovly just to look at,I Have 1 son who is 15 and is a very Smart and is very good looking. I have 1 dog which is dum and jumps for airplanes.
I was one of the Admins on tstips but now I have part my own site that we just started less than a week ago. It's not my site but I feel that it is. I realy got the ball rolling and put it together in one night. We are having alot fun there. We also got Paul to come over and help.


You're sort of in the middle age-wise as far as this forum goes I think .......a good looking lot too by the sounds of it! [;)]

Hi! Bill and I live in Colorado in the US next to the mountains.  Now we own six timeshares and purchased the first twenty years ago.  In that time we have made over 50 exchanges around the world, including 17 in the UK and Ireland since I majored in British history.  Bill is a scuba diver, so half the time is travel to the Caribbean and Hawaii.  I am 39 and holding, mostly holding. The featured Taupo Ika Nui was wonderful and especially the Maouri dinner.

Boss Man


Welcome to the forum. Always happy to have a seasoned happy timeshare owner on board


Ah, I've finally twigged it.

All the above happy owners have yet to encounter Canaltime.

They are are definitely at the root of my evils and possibly a lot of other disgruntled people.

Even given that, there does seem to be a lot of people excited to the point of embarrassment about the timeshare industry.

Incidentally I turned 21 last week (or thereabouts).


I exchanged into canaltime and loved the experience. I assume you own. Do you own a prime week.  IF so, I would assume it would exchange well. Am I wrong?



Who's embarrassed?  Not us, so it must be you.............[;)]

Hi, we are 58, which seems to be average here, and fairly new to timeshare. We have a week in Cameron House Scotland and one in Trenython Manor Cornwall, both places we really like going to. We live in London and need to go to Scotland quite a bit to see relatives so Dial an Exchange bonus weeks are really helpful to us. Being Scottish and fairly mean (!) I used  to stay in 2 star hotels when I travelled so timeshare is a boon to me as the standard of accomodation is much higher than 2 star. Most of you guys seem to have been all round the world exchanging but we tend to stay mainly in the UK since I got frightened of flying! I think timeshare is great in a good resort in a good time of the year but outside of peak times it seems possible to get into a lot of good resorts for a spare week at less than the annual maintenance the owners pay. As we are retired this is good for us too as we can get away often. All the best, Rod[:)]


Welcome Rod,

You obviously have timeshare "smarts", both in how you purchased and how you use. I agree that our accomodation level has greatly increased since we became timesharers. We loved both Kilconquhar and Craigendarroch in Scotland and would love to go to Cornwall some time soon. My family comes from there. And....welcome to the retired timesharers club. We are a most happy group.



Well, I think I am the winner so far - only a mere 33!!

Joined the forum to try and get some advice for my parents who originally bought at Tenerife Royal Gardens, then the famous Lanzarote Beach Club (now Sands), then Lanzarote Beach Club II, then IVC points......  you know the old story.

Still trying to sell their IVC points as they cannot be used as much as they can due to ill health.  {restricted word/phrase} promised a cash offer for them within 12 weeks, that was nearly three years ago and still waiting.  

Still, on a happy note, have met some lovely people through timeshare who we still keep in touch with.

Best wishes to everyone on the board.



Hi Clare and welcome.  You certainly seem to be the 'babe' of the forum.

Sorry I can't be of any help with your timesharing problems but hopefully someone else will come up with some advice.


If Clare is the youngest, my dearly beloved and I are probably the grandma & grandpa at 70 and fast approaching!  We bought our first timeshare some 15 years ago when we discovered it was cheaper to fly to USA than to take the car & caravan across the North Sea.  That timeshare is the infamous one which we are trying to get rid of in Lanzarote.  We have never set foot in the Canaries but always managed to get a holiday in the States using our one week timeshare & bonus week.  We then bought a week in Cornwall (through a resale company)never been there either.  Golf is a ruling passion in our family and naturally we headed off to Hilton Head to play golf - wish airlines gave frequent flier miles for golf clubs! Liked it very much and returned quite a few times.  We were pestered one holiday there (staying at Island Links Resort) with phone calls asking us to time share presentations that we decided to buy. Saw an ad in one of the free Timeshare mags that you can pick up at supermarket and bought at Marriott Harbour Club which we are so pleased with.
We travel outside school holidays (do sometimes clash with the Feb. school hol. week) which is a bonus for us as the resorts are not so busy.
Unfortunately, my husband suffers badly from rheumatoid arthritis and can no longer play golf but we do enjoy Hilton Head and are looking forward to end of February when we head off there again.
We have many memorable memories of our holidays in the States and Canada from my husband being taken off the plane in Minneapolis by paramedics & taken to hospital (quickest way to get thro immigration, but not to be recommended)to seeing it snow in Savannah at New Year and all the traffic off the road and offices closed.


We have owned timeshare since the early 90s in America,Madeira and England.

We also own Disney vacation Club Points and Fairshare Plus Points so we know the flexibility of them   However, we did cede two of our weeks into RCI points when this first started and what a mistake that was.  They devalued our resorts to such an extent that we could not get a reasonable exchange with them.  Apparently the pure points they insist you take are worthless and we gave ours away in the end.

If you want good points resorts then I think Disney must come top with their excellent service and free telephone number from here in England.  Feel we should receive the same benefits being RCI members (free telephone) as they do in USA.  We much prefer II and find now they have much better resorts on offer than RCI.


Congratulations to Clare and Wiljar who are indisputably now the junior and the most senior members. It pains me to relinquish my senior matriarch title but I must do so in light of the inevitable. [;)]


You have my full permission to say (if we should be together at some point) "Age before beauty"

Andrew Larter

Hi All ,
Well Im 45 my wife 43 2 boys 21,18, we have been time shareing for 5 years now, paid over the odds for the first 1  weeks 2 bed Compass club through Nexus,now got second week 2 bed nexus, and points with sunset beach, for exchanges,2nd week for 2k pretty reasonable since first was 7.5k,we were to green but keen to get into it,we like the Canaries, particully Las Adelfas (Nexus) good quality place , we try to use timeshare when possible,most exchanges have been good, still learning, best flights etc,
were near Bristol airport which has great flight times,tried to do 2 weeks dominican republic, through nexus, expensive deal, so heaven forbid, we booked 2 weeks through Thomsons (our 25th wed aniv), but still booked another week in Las Adelfas for later in the year,wifey has more holiday than me so she may go with sister late in year as well, planning 2 weeks points in Florida,any good suggestions welcolmed, 1 week disney, 1 week coastal, beach fishing etc,, both work, Mrs has MBE for her hard work ( totally commited)
me just love the Water on it in it or under it, dont care,


Just a gentle reminder to all the new members that it would be nice to know a little about you. [;)]

Hi all, Im mike 37, one of the timeshare talk youth club, married to karen and have two little girls. Was introduced into timeshare when i was about 20, on holiday in tenerife with my girlfreind, I fell for the hard sell tour ( well, beautiful blonde sales woman giving me free drinks all afternoon wasn't exactly hard sell ) but never the less ended up with a week in flamingo village. Managed to get rid of it, but i could see the advantages of timshare in a nice resort at peak season, so after 17 years decided to buy another, Took some valuable advice from timeshare talk members on what and what not to buy, I managed to find 2 weeks in school hols in tenerife reasonable so i took the plunge, everything was going great until my wife mentioned the other night how she would love another baby, a little boy, "But dear ive just bought a 1 bedroom apartment it only sleeps 4"......"SO!"......Wanted: 2 bed apartment in tenerife, poss part exchange.

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