Disappointed With Interval Gold Membership

Started by black pig, June 30, 2008, 11:50:16

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black pig

Ionly recently bought a timeshare in Cyprus (coral Bay)
Part of the deal was Gold membership for one year and three years normal membersip.
I'm happy with the time share , part of the sales pitch was that we could get discounted flights and accomodation , when we challenged the sales manager on this he went away with our route and he came back with a very good price.
When we came to do the actual booking through Interval Travel our experience was somewhat different.
I phoned and asked for a quotation, details were taken and I was told they would phonr me back. Three days later I phoned them again, again I was told we will phone you back, nothing so I faxed them this time I got a reply, a £1000 dearer than other quotes,
I won't be using them again nor will I renew My Gold Membership.


I was a gold member for a while but never got any benefit from it. I've always found that I can usually find flights cheaper elsewhere than through Interval travel.
Have had loads of benefits from being an Interval member though, using their exchange scheme.


Can any members of II tell me what experiences they have had when exchanging their accommodation for another destination?  Must say that although we had the first 3 year free membership with our timeshare we havn't really understood how the exchange system works.  e.g. I undeerstand that the weeks must be booked before banking them - then what happens if those weeks are taken up by someone but we can't find suitable corresponding accommodation - is that then lost or can it be carried over




Just an open suggestion, why not consider joining DaE. The major benefit being, you can search their Availability before depositing your week..while i own at II resorts, and in truth they do  have more inventory disagree with there policy. Re. Colour coded system.


Thanks Willself I will ave a look

[:I]Oops! Just realised don;t know what DaE is


Hi Dial an Exchange is an excellent exchange company that we have used for a number of years now.

Dial an Exchange.  //www.dialanexchange.co.uk


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