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Title: All you need to know about 'Holiday Clubs'
Post by: Boss Man on March 23, 2006, 22:08:51
This very brief leaflet from the European Consumer Centre in Dublin seems to say it all about Holiday Clubs:
Title: All you need to know about 'Holiday Clubs'
Post by: sensor on May 27, 2006, 07:44:09
Taken from another site;
Malaga: More than 15,000 affected by a timeshare-multiproperty fraud the Police it has stopped in Malaga to the eight people in charge of an organized group of multimillionaire and massive frauds in reventa of multiproperty(Timesharing resell).... The swindle would affect more than 15,000 victims and, supposedly, the organized group obtained benefits of about 18 million euros. According to the Main directorate has informed east Friday into the Police, in this denominated operation "Trafalgar" has been dismantled the cupola of this network, that operated from the Coast of the Sun and that from year 2000 used to 300 companies and more than 1,000 people to commit its frauds. The arrested ones are original of the United Kingdom, South Africa, Belgium and Norway and have been stopped in the Malaga localities of Fuengirola, Mijas and Coín (Costa del Sol-Spain). The Consumer´s Association Afectados Mundo Magico (ACAMA) dedicated to the defense of the consumers in the advantage in turn of tourist real estate, timesharing, has been coming denouncing for a long time the fraud that commits the companies of reventa (resell companies in Spain) and in the deceit that takes place with assiduity, since in most of the cases it is not gotten to resell his week, losing the given money, which we considered a swindle. We have even denounced before the National Hearing to several of these companies. ACAMA this studying the possibility of go on itself in the procedure that take by these haltings, in defense of the group of consumers affected (Europe, U.K....) after the successive scandals and collective swindles that are giving in Spain. For but information it contacts with the Tfno: +34952215859 email: correo@afectadosmultipropiedad.com
For more information please visit: www.afectadosmultipropiedad.com