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Title: CLC former ermembers
Post by: icairns@talktalk.net on September 07, 2013, 15:29:28
Hi All
I joined Club La Costa back in the good old days of timeshare with a three digit Club la Costa membership number. We were (in CLCs words 'Founder Members') enrolled originally at Las Farolas, Cordova. The year Las Farolas Royale was opened we were there on holiday and fell in love with Royale and immediately bought into it. Everything was fine until a few years ago when, out of the blue, I received an email telling me Las Farolas was closing and would be offered an exchanged week at marina del Sol. Neither my wife, or I, would agree to this without being shown the apartment we would be exchanged into. CLC Members Service would not agree to flying us out to Spain to meet this requirement. This was in February of that year and as we were scheduled into Las Farolas Royale in June we were not relly worried. Things could be sorted on our holiday. A few days later (still February) I was contacted by Members Services and told I had 24 hours to meet the offer. i resisted and held out to our visit.

During our visit we had several telephone conversations with Members Services and an exchange was finally agreed to Marina Dorada (Gold)) at Marina del Sol (Unable to view apartment as it was occupied). This was in 2011. This year we used our week + an exchange week to visit our "new" apartment. What a disappointment. Good points: the renovated kitchen was first class. The patio was big very big - and that was the only good points. The rest of the apartment left a lot to be desired: a television that was probably top of the range twenty years ago; patio funiture that was well past its sell-by-date; a bath we could not use as there were no hand holds; a shower that was so small I couldn't turn round in it without hitting the hot/cold tap (I only aroundaround 10 stone - so I am not big): only enough evening seats for max of 5 persons (apartment occupation 6 sleeps 6). There is more, but I will stop there.

I complained to Members Services who advised that they would look into the matter. Their solution was that on future holidays I was to telephone them and they would get us booked into Las Farolas Royale! (During my stay all members of staff I spoke with were not sure how long the Las farolas site would remain open).

I am now no longer a member of Club La Costa and after some 20- 25 years membership I am upset by the way Club La Costa has teated me, a Founder Member. It has cost money to get out CLC due to perpetuity clause in the original agreement.

Incidentally if they had exchanged us to Castillo Dey Rey  we would have had no complaint, although smaller apartments they are furnished to a similar standard as Las Farolas Royale, wirh a equally beatuifull outlook on to the Med.

I will leave to draw your own conclusions abot Club La Costa!!!
Title: Re: CLC former ermembers
Post by: Suebe on October 04, 2013, 12:12:20
Hi Dom

Can I just clarify a couple of point you make.  Firstly, Las Farolas Royale has not closed - it is still open and I will be going there in a week or so.  It was the Silver Crown apartments of Las Farolas that was being 'closed down' by CLC Resorts, and LF owners were being offered a transfer to the silver crown resorts at the main Marina del Sol site or to the Las Farolas Royale apartments.  I also understand that Las Farolas Royale members were offered transfers to the Gold Crown resorts at Marina del Sol if they wished, but this was not compulsory.  Castillo del Ray was one of them - but I know of one person who was offered one of these but with no balcony!  I did look around some of the Gold Crown apartments that were being offered but not the Marina Dorada ones, although these were supposed to be the 'closest' to those of Las Farolas Royale.  I have only seen them from the outside.

You also say that you had to pay money to get out of Club la Costa. I am not sure why, as Club la Costa operate a policy of taking members week back at no cost.  You have to give a notice of wishing to surrender your weeks, usually at least 3 months before the next annual maintenance fees are due.  How did you get rid of your Club la Costa weeks?

Can I also say that I am no great fan of Club la Costa, and as a member representative on the Las Farolas club committee, fought hard for members who were not happy with the transfer being offered as well as the proposed closure of the silver crown part of the resort.  Their main purpose is to make profit and to find new money-making schemes that will encourage their existing members to part with yet more money, as well as encouraging new members to join their exclusive schemes which prove to be not so exclusive.  Having said that, they are an expanding company and seem to have a good many happy owners.

Sue  :)
Title: Re: CLC former ermembers
Post by: pandmdocking on December 12, 2018, 18:25:50
wit woo, have CLC stopped selling timeshares as my friend was not offered another presentation this year ?????