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Started by butchers boy, December 20, 2009, 17:10:15

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butchers boy

Just returned from 2 great weeks at Paradise Club, with absolutely no complaints BUT

I am disgusted with what I have been told.

On the usual breakfast / sales pitch I was informed my ceded Pestana week valued at 1100 points maybe excluded from the scheme sometime in the future and I would be reduced to a silver member.
To avoid this CLC would take my week off me completely as long as I bought 250 points costing £5500.

We decided not to take the offer.

The day before departure we were informed all Pestana weeks were now excluded from the scheme with immediate effect.

Again we were given the same offer, but as we didn't bite, they came up with, we'll take all your points off you in return for PAY AS YOU GO thats 1 floating week in a choice of 30 resorts, £500 maintenance and extra weeks from £129. OR

Cash in the 1401 points at the price paid and use as a deposit for a apartment in Turkey.

At the moment we have done nothing.

Has anyone else come across this ?

Can they legally do this ?

Any comments and suggestions would be welcome

Regards butchers boy


This tactic is constanmtly used / abused by sales at CLC. If you look on the CLC website you can see 6 weeks banked in the ceded week list. They have tried this one with us a few times and we reported it to CLC HQ and got an apology.

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