Club La Costa and the tale of two Jennies

Started by Boss Man, May 26, 2011, 07:40:37

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Boss Man

From the Daily Mirror -

Great consumer mysteries of our time: why would any company think it needs a seal of approval from Jennie Bond?

But here it is anyway, the former BBC royal watcher's stamp on the website of timeshare outfit Club La Costa.

Another Jennie is not impressed. Jennie Deeks of Grays, Essex, says she paid £8,000 for Club La Costa membership but can't book a holiday at a convenient date - unless she pays another two grand.

"All that we want is what we were promised, which is a hassle-free, quality holiday membership that can take us where we want to go, when we want to go there," she says.

"When going online it is cheaper to book directly with these resorts.

"It seems that everyone we talk to is either not interested, tells us that they are going to do something and doesn't, or claims not to understand us."

Count yourself lucky, Jennie, Club La Costa won't even talk to us.


You could try the Club La Costa member forum at This forum is run by owners of Club La Costa points/weeks etc,there is a joining/membership fee. You could ask for help here or even see if anyone can assist in exchanging

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