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Started by David Cox, October 16, 2018, 17:40:46

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David Cox

Have you been Contacted by the Timeshare Advisory Board?

The claimed advisory board is a Sham Organisation, it is a cold caller, its website hides behind a privacy shield and the staff refuses to give you is operational base or address. If it was good Organisation, it would give you its Company details which it doesn't thus, is a fraud operates a fraudulent website and if the advice is taken, you will land yourself at the door of an ex-timeshare salesman, not a lawyer.

Its function is to 'cold call' people and then sell you to companies who have little or no credibility. In one telephone conversation, they stated that they recommended 'Claims Solutions Ltd' as it has existed for over 20 years and has a 100% success record. These statements are lies as they have only existed since 2016 are only worth £2,000 and it's fictitious to suggest that they maintain that success rate.

If you cannot cold call in the UK, let.s go scamming in Spain!

Free Advice TESS Law https://tesslimited.co.uk/

David Cox

Free Advice TESS Law https://tesslimited.co.uk/


Here's a quick way to evaluate this company.

If you unexpectedly received an unsolicited phone call, email, official looking letter, or knock at the door from a representative of this company regarding a business proposition, then it is almost certainly a scam.

Sandra Jennings

a little bird tells me, they are hiring 'Chill' marketing a cold caller for Tenerife


The freaks at the Timeshare advisory Board state they operate for consumers only by refers you to a "bad firm" . I have found out they are on commissions to do so and from those they recommend, so who is conning who.

We assist Timeshare owners in all matters concerning timeshare including acquisitions, purchases, sales and exits they say, but cold call everyone from call centres in Sapin. They state that they give legal advice yet are not Lawyers not Solicitors and are simply sales marketing cold callers.

We collate information and pass information on to consumers they say, yet is never to a lawyer just another salesman.


THESE WORDS HAVE BEEN STOLEN BY THIS CORRUPT ORGANISATION  from The Timeshare consumer Association website who published them in 2015

"Before adventuring into the funding of a legal dispute with a timeshare company one should first be aware of the court system and what track a case will be allotted. In layman's terms a track is the court's way of dealing effectively with simple, difficult and large claims. Therefore you will find when the case is being managed it will either be allotted to small claims, fast track or multi-track. The three tracks are designed to dispose of timeshare disputes within a busy court schedule."



JUST CALLED THEM AGAIN and told them about a timeshare I said I bought in France and again the said we should go to THE CLOWNS Claims Solutions Ltd

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