Cold Callers are now online marketing and arranging ‘Zoom’ meetings

Started by TimeshareTalk, March 09, 2021, 12:02:34

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Cold Callers are now online marketing and arranging 'Zoom' meetings.

Timeshare owners are now being contacted by an array of fake Lawyers and asked to attend online video meetings by businesses seeking to sell Timeshare Exit and Compensation Services. In many cases, they have been persuaded to sign contracts and often pay significant fees; immediately.

jim roy

hello, i have just been approached by aegis direct with a plan to claim monies from a time share company i had dealings with , all sounds good until i asked costs etc my question is are they genuine ??? or another dodgy one .


Totally Dodgy mate, cold calling everyone. If I recall they cold call on behalf of Carl James and very dodgy enterprise exposed on the internet somewhere.

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